Brian Barajas
Brian Barajas 13 timmar sedan
That ending is dope. The distortion and all
Menace 13 timmar sedan
Hershel Jr: I'll find you Maggie: Not again!
Angelo Carbone
Angelo Carbone 13 timmar sedan
15:02 This bitch empty. YEEEET
Menace 13 timmar sedan
I feel like Glenn wouldve been saying "I'll find you" and become a disabled mf if he survived. Pretty accurate. Glenn could be the Jason of TWD.
Sammy G.O
Sammy G.O 13 timmar sedan
Sound tracks Guy? Amazing content 🔥
Raymond van Wyk
Raymond van Wyk 13 timmar sedan
omg this was so amazing
blueNET-sk23O 5-9-07
blueNET-sk23O 5-9-07 13 timmar sedan
Put the worm on you're coc
Angelo Carbone
Angelo Carbone 13 timmar sedan
Indra ashura
Indra ashura 13 timmar sedan
I love rick and morty!
Alexander Frankenberger
Alexander Frankenberger 13 timmar sedan
I have no idea who she is but god she’s cute and she handled the show perfectly
George Gerardi
George Gerardi 13 timmar sedan
1:10 She looks like a female Captain Planet.
Gia the queen
Gia the queen 13 timmar sedan
I don’t remember a fudge turnover in the cartoon
EAT THE ASS LIKE ITS GRASS 13 timmar sedan
The problm with this show isnt that its "woke", its that its trying to be too similiar to BM & trying to be too different. Progressive can be done right (Infinity Train, Owl House, Kill 6 Billion Demons) because its not trying to be "progressive" its being good while also having feminist, pro LGBTQ, inclusive themes that arent awkwardly made to be the only draw. BM wasnt good because of the edgy humor, its the context that classic 60s characters + artstyle repinterpreted into something it wasnt is funny. Plus the absurdist humor. But, BM was sexist (possible homophobic) and constantly sexualized BG, its edge has not aged well. Nothing wrong with fixing the latter, but the former is what people want to see. I think it would be cool if we saw 90's-2000s CN titles being adapted, but random human characters ddont have the same punch (besides the "airheaded" assistant and the clearly bisexual straight-woman)
Y̶u̶k̶a̶ G̶o̶t̶o̶.
Y̶u̶k̶a̶ G̶o̶t̶o̶. 13 timmar sedan
"Hey look at that you saved me, yay"
Charlie Davison
Charlie Davison 13 timmar sedan
Every time Judy/Birdgirl is on screen, the writers (and Brewster) Nail it. That part doesn't need to be fixed. Meredith is good too, and her character is a great compliment to Judy. But the episode's villain (a shit-machine inventor? Tf is this? -- some college student imitating a bad south park joke?) is terrible, so bad it made me turn it off for a bit halfway through, the other characters are bland as hell, and the rest of the jokes were pretty stale and/or too sophomoric. Really needs some writing revamp and to interject better concepts for villains and plots. Go wacky but don't go ... kindergartener. (Don't make potty jokes.) And when in doubt focus on Birdgirl hijinx. Other than that, nice intro and good animation style.
Мария Боровых
Мария Боровых 13 timmar sedan
Зовите Сыендука
Адам Гала
Адам Гала 14 timmar sedan
Чёткая работа, аж детство вспомнил 😂👍салам из Ингушетии
Gerson Igor
Gerson Igor 14 timmar sedan
스콘 14 timmar sedan
First of all, I did Papago because I can't speak English. I'm sorry if the sentence is awkward. So what I want to say is, when I first saw Jack Stover's work in Korea, I knew he was a genius! I like his video very much. So I want to make a second creation with the song in this video. If you don't mind, could you allow me? I promise you I'll never get a financial benefit! If it's hard to leave comments, please press hearts. Thank you so much for reading :)
Charlie Davison
Charlie Davison 14 timmar sedan
Ngl most of the writing sucks '(beeeeooop' and a shit machine... really?) but Paget Brewster's BirdGirl is awesome and I hope this series finds a way to turn the terrible writing around for her sake.
патриот казакстана
патриот казакстана 14 timmar sedan
Оооотда. Дааааап я так ждал его
Santiago Mendoza Moreno
Santiago Mendoza Moreno 14 timmar sedan
The Shonen Tard
The Shonen Tard 14 timmar sedan
What this video is missing all the cocaine Shieky baby did lol
Тесел 14 timmar sedan
LOl Надпись МИР на 15:45 приятно удивила
Lightskin Saiyan
Lightskin Saiyan 14 timmar sedan
I took 5 hits of Acid the other night and tried to put this on I couldn’t handle it
Freak factory Studio's
Freak factory Studio's 14 timmar sedan
I tought it was co cancelled?
Ryan Jensen
Ryan Jensen 14 timmar sedan
Summer seems to be more interested in what Rick is doing in the later seasons.
Jeremy Baker
Jeremy Baker 14 timmar sedan
i hate how this is the last episode of truth point.
Jedi Monk
Jedi Monk 14 timmar sedan
Brian Wagar
Brian Wagar 14 timmar sedan
I glad I ordered the waffles
Goldfish 14 timmar sedan
Imagine falling asleep while watching tv, only to wake up at 3 am to this
Kim Tran
Kim Tran 14 timmar sedan
This is completely AMAZEBALLS! The colors, the fights, everything is so well thought out! The pixelated animation is top-notch! Damn. Damn damn....
Fallen Engel
Fallen Engel 14 timmar sedan
Where can i see more! O r wait nvmlol
George Jenkins
George Jenkins 14 timmar sedan
So many Bill Psypher refrences.
Fallen Engel
Fallen Engel 14 timmar sedan
Is this a game!?!?
M Ridlon
M Ridlon 14 timmar sedan
Cats proceed with removing the balls off their pets.
Matt Walsworth
Matt Walsworth 14 timmar sedan
That was awesomely nostalgic! Anyone looking for a game with a similar feel should look into CrossCode on Steam; not quite the same style but definitely gives you that fun retro/action/puzzler nostalgia
itaa 14 timmar sedan
Yo hee hee
Trevan Whiting
Trevan Whiting 14 timmar sedan
I liked it but it was too slow paced. The comedic timing works better if I watch it at 1.5x speed, seriously not kidding.
Ushimimi 14 timmar sedan
Can we all admire Paul Robertson right now who created enough pixel-art animations to actually make a whole game solely for the purpose of an animated short?
yunus Ugurlu
yunus Ugurlu 14 timmar sedan
fullmetal alchemist reference
Sabinya 14 timmar sedan
i love how rick's gun turns magically from a beretta into a glock either that or he had 2 guns
Lodeken 14 timmar sedan
When characters fight back in Final Destination
cris dlcruz
cris dlcruz 14 timmar sedan
It kind of reminds me of 90s metal slug
Grumpy Munchkin
Grumpy Munchkin 14 timmar sedan
Just smoked a BIG bowl and then this shows up. WTF I’m so high.
unk 14 timmar sedan
hm. no space beth. strange.
Vandarte Translator ENG-ESP
Vandarte Translator ENG-ESP 14 timmar sedan
This series seems interesting.
Randyk_18 14 timmar sedan
15 minutes in and this is pretty hard to sit through because of the guy replacing tim, holy shit is he annoying.
Randyk_18 13 timmar sedan
So glad I kept watching. 😂
marehawk 15 timmar sedan
hly dhstiy i think i jsy shit muydsegl
Connor 15 timmar sedan
I could watch this for hours
Null Void
Null Void 15 timmar sedan
OMG I"M FUCKING DYING that shit was funny.
Mookie Stewart
Mookie Stewart 15 timmar sedan
Lol love the Jurassic park reference
Gino Morales
Gino Morales 15 timmar sedan
Who's the girl next to Tricia and Jessica? (The one who made this is the C-137 animator, the artistest artist)
Damon Seas
Damon Seas 15 timmar sedan
still watching in may
Kenesys 15 timmar sedan
Guys where do I watch XRA please help
David Wildebeest
David Wildebeest 15 timmar sedan
11:07 for the weebs 😏
KAI 15 timmar sedan
Sean Hoke
Sean Hoke 15 timmar sedan
This ain't it
Undergroundd Railroadd
Undergroundd Railroadd 15 timmar sedan
Gerard Pondar Velez
Gerard Pondar Velez 15 timmar sedan
Kinda looks like Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Alej Random
Alej Random 15 timmar sedan
Someone has to make this real
Alej Random
Alej Random 15 timmar sedan
Ooooohhh so that's what plumbuses are for :D
JDContent 15 timmar sedan
RIP John Witherspoon and Charlie Murphy 🙏🏾
Fukk New Jersey Nigga
Fukk New Jersey Nigga 15 timmar sedan
Never seen Kanye this hyped in.. Well never. This was fuckin priceless
Kevin Hill
Kevin Hill 15 timmar sedan
"Will you trust me not to kill you?"
GamePapa 15 timmar sedan
Rick sounded friendlier in Japanese, and Morty sounded even more adorable. I love it!
Rickasheye Labs
Rickasheye Labs 15 timmar sedan
yay partnership with a platform thats avaliable in like one country/continent the U.S.A when probs get more money by opening up to more platforms from across the world.
Captain Literally
Captain Literally 15 timmar sedan
Dcs true villain
O F A L 15 timmar sedan
why the fuck you changed platfort, now i have to have two to have all what i want to watch
Ricardo Howard
Ricardo Howard 15 timmar sedan
Wow, that was fantastic.
Cedric Kissel
Cedric Kissel 15 timmar sedan
You Guys are gold man 💚 Love
羅藝 Louie LooYi《 羅憶錄 Luo YILOO》
羅藝 Louie LooYi《 羅憶錄 Luo YILOO》 15 timmar sedan
one of the best pure animation moments after UP's married life scene
Lord Hagar
Lord Hagar 15 timmar sedan
So that's what a Plumbus is used for
Florida Man
Florida Man 15 timmar sedan
Hexted 16 timmar sedan
I love the imagine of like 200 teens having seizures to empty bottle live
Dillon Bullock
Dillon Bullock 16 timmar sedan
What makes Brock's aversion to guns better is how he later shows that he absolutely COULD use firearms beautifully (as seen when he tests Billy and White before their first arching) if he were so inclined to.
Gerudo Kupo
Gerudo Kupo 16 timmar sedan
Wow, Tim's fourth child! Congrats to Tim and Ayaka, Uncle Axiom, and all the rest. :)
aisiopolo the vibe of art
aisiopolo the vibe of art 16 timmar sedan
Toonami loji op teams asap loji a
Ilulu 16 timmar sedan
I want to be like Vermigurber Some times i get mad of the my "status" in my job and disrespect that i get, even though i have requirements and skills that makes me 10 times better than some of my colleagues but bcuz of me being the new guy and inexperienced in that field u get laughed at and disrespected some times I'm just like, i wish i have power man, look at Vermigurber, he's a fucking fly around a dozen frogs that could just take him as a breakfast but he's dominated and flipped the food chain and can do whatever he wants